Cruise vs Cruisetour

If a) you have been dreaming of visiting Alaska for most of your adult life, b) you wish to be truly blown away by the vast, untamed, stunningly beautiful wilderness, and c) you want to maximize your chances to see wildlife, take a cruisetour. Open your heart and let the call of the wild cleanse your soul.

Arctic Circle

You have to get off the ship to get this far

If a) you are traveling with a group of family and friends, particularly with kids, b) you are looking for a unique cruise destination to add to your list of great cruise vacations, and/or c) you have only a week to devote to this vacation, a cruise is a probably the better alternative.

Either way, Alaska delivers sights and experiences you will never forget. I don’t think it has ever been better expressed than by Robert Service, the Bard of the North, (The Best of Robert Service), in the last lines to his reverent, classic poem, Spell of the Yukon:

Its’ the great, big, broad land ‘way up yonder,

It’s the forests where silence has lease;

It’s the beauty that thrills me with wonder,

It’s the stillness that fills me with peace.

Have a great trip.