First, it was the car trip across the country in the summer between first and second grade. From DC to Seattle and back, we hit over twenty states, Disneyland, (which had just opened), and a bunch of national parks.

Your Cruisereader Duo at Yosemite

Your Cruisereader Duo at Yosemite

Then, it was third grade in England. We sailed to and fro on the SS United States, the fastest ship on the Trans-Atlantic run. I was a little English schoolboy, complete with blazer, shorts, tie and kneesocks. My parents have a picture of me in front of every fountain in Europe.

Even as a youngster, I knew there was a big world out there. I have always wanted to see it and to get to know it. Five years out of college, I managed to land a two year stint in Paris. Imagine, Paris, with someone else paying the bills! My work took me to the Middle East and across western Europe. When I knew it was coming to an end, I booked dinner at Maxim’s and L’Archestrate, which was the highest rated restaurant in Paris at the time. Memorable experiences.

Three decades in the cruise industry followed, wending my way through Finance, Reservations, Planning, Marketing Communication, Destination Marketing, and Sales. I’ve sold every cruise destination on the planet. What I enjoyed most was the travel and the research about each fascinating place. I find that when I read a little, or a lot, before a trip, I get so much more out of it. Addiction can be an ugly thing, but I think travel is beautiful.

And speaking of beautiful, I have the most wonderful partner in crime, my wife, Karin. We are on a mission to see the sites of the world. We hope you will join us on

Bon Voyage!
Paul Allen