River Cruises on the Yangtze

China becomes more important to our lives every day. Yet, it is a country and culture we are not taught about in school. Certainly, the language barrier is high. However, for most of the history of the world, China has been the most populous and most prosperous nation on the planet. A river cruise is a fantastic way to introduce yourself to this fascinating destination.

River Cruises on the YangtzeRiver

The Yangtze River at dusk. By Andrew Hitchcock, via Wikimedia Commons

The Yangtze River is one of the great rivers of the world and the heart of China. Flowing almost 4,000 miles from the eastern Himalayas to the sea, it has been the Mason-Dixon Line of China, separating North from South. It has also been the site of one of the most famous battles of ancient Chinese literature, the Battle of Red Cliffs, whose site you will cruise past. As a great highway, the river has always been essential to Chinese life. That’s still true today, particularly because of the mammoth Three Gorges Dam project.

There are a number of different river cruise itineraries to suit your level of ambition. Your trip will include flights to and from China’s major cities, like Beijing and Shanghai, and to bucket list attractions like Xi’an, for the Terra Cotta warriors, and Lhasa for the home of Tibetan Buddhism. Most schedules include a stretch of Yangtze River cruising of about a week. The hardest choice will be which trip to take.

Think of yourself as an ambassador visiting a land of great promise and opportunity. There is so much to learn here and so much to experience. Have a great trip!