River Cruises on the Nile

Most major river cruise companies have Egypt programs. Generally, you will fly to Cairo and tour the spectacular attractions of Alexandria, Giza, Saqqara, and Cairo. Then you’ll fly south to Luxor to cruise for several days among the remarkable archeological sites and temples of the upper Nile. You will fly back to Cairo for your flights home.

River cruises on the Nile

The famous temple at Luxor is a highlight. By Spitfire, via Wikimedia Commons

The advantages of river cruises shine through with this type of itinerary. You’ll be able to take your time in all of these wonderful locations. It’s a part of the world best traveled with knowledgeable guides. Certainly, the headlines about the latest political developments in Egypt may have given you some hesitation about visiting at this time. Contact a travel professional with extensive experience with this destination to get the real sense of the experience and any appropriate cautions they may have.

This is an international travel opportunity that always seems to far exceed expectations. So, get the real scoop and make your plans accordingly.