River Cruises in Russia

Most Russian river cruises travel between Moscow and St. Petersburg, both of which are tier one cities in the world. Part of this trip will be on the famous Volga River. At least one river cruise company also offers cruises in the Ukraine along the Dnieper River from the Black Sea to Kiev. You may not be quite as familiar with this part of the former Soviet Union. However, it played a very important part in the early development of Russia. There is a great mix of high arts and fascinating histories.

River cruises to St Petersburg

Peter the Great’s capitol city is a must for international travelers. By Lite, via Wikimedia Commons

A river cruise makes it so much easier to see these places in a very intensive experience. You’ll take your time and have a chance to see so much more of Russia or the Ukraine than most cruisers will. After all those years behind the Iron Curtain, the chance to see the grandeur of Russia’s golden age is on the bucket list for most cultural travelers.

When you touch the history of any European nation, you generally touch the history of all Europe. This is basically because most of Europe has been at war for the last twelve hundred years. From the time of clans, tribes, city-states and duchies to kingdoms, provinces, leagues, alliances, unions and empires, the political map of Europe, from Tunisia to the North Cape, has been re-drawn a thousand times. Russia has been of paramount importance in this mayhem, particularly in the last three hundred years.

You’ll be visiting in summer. That means long daylight hours and the liveliest, most playful time of year for these vibrant people. You probably don’t speak the language and you won’t be able to read many of the signs. But, take it all in. Be as ambitious as you can stand with the tours, museums, palaces and fortresses. This is still not the kind of travel destination you will return to easily or often. So, make the most of this great trip.