Dedicated Itineraries

Most cruise ships with over 1,000 passengers will stick to itineraries that visit the Egyptian and Israeli ports in combination with standard ports from an Eastern Mediterranean cruise. For those with an interest in a more in-depth cruise and tour itinerary, often with lecturers and special excursions, there are small ship alternatives.

The magnificent Treasury at Petra. By Bernard Gagnon, via Wikimedia Commons

Voyages to Antiquity: For the history buff who can dispense with big ship amenities, this is your opportunity. They have a wide range of Mediterranean itineraries oriented to ancient civilizations. Particularly relevant to Egypt and Israel, they have selected itineraries that also visit Luxor (for Thebes, Karnak, and the Valley of the Kings), Sharm el Sheik on the Sinai Peninsula (for St. Catharine’s Monastery), and Aqaba, Jordan (for Petra). There are additional Greek islands like Patmos and Rhodes, as well as Ephesus. These cruises have a cadre of lecturers to enrich your appreciation of the incredible destinations of the cruise.

There are, also, some smaller ships that have crafted itineraries with more specific biblical content in their port selections. These tend to be faith-based cruise and tour companies. Look up “Footsteps of Paul” on the Internet and you will find several cruise and tour combinations. In addition to Egypt and Israeli calls, they tend to include some combination of Rhodes, Thessaloniki, Patmos, Kusadasi (Ephesus), Philippi, Kavala, Veria, and Corinth. Each stop is associated with the writings and teachings of St. Paul.