Cruising in Australia and New Zealand

The hardest part about cruising to Australia and New Zealand is that you will have to come home. The natural beauty is stunning and very accessible. The culture is relaxed and irreverent. These folks appreciate visitors. If there is a perfect destination, this may be it.

Caution Golfers

Hard to know which might be more dangerous

The selection of cruise itineraries has expanded greatly as the number of ships has increased. Higher fuel costs may begin to have an impact on the schedules. You may start to see fewer ports or shorter port stays in a particular itinerary, designed to conserve fuel. While the traditional itinerary was an open-jaw 12-day cruise between Sydney and Auckland, there are now more choices for 7-days or longer, many of which are round-trip Sydney. Some cruise lines sail between Australia and Southeast Asia, usually about 14-days. There are even circumnavigation cruises of Australia that take about a month.

The appeal of these two very different nations includes unique natural attractions, aboriginal cultures, and an action-oriented lifestyle. We’re sure you’ll come back with a ton of pictures and a few new “mates”. G’day!