Holy Lands

Most major cruise lines market cruise itineraries with “Holy Lands” in the title. This is a code for Egypt and Israel. These are the destinations we will focus on in this section. Most of the rest of the ports are found on Eastern Mediterranean itineraries. So, read that set of essays as well. There are some specialty cruises we will address in one of the later essays here.

The Dome of the Rock is important to all three major religions. By en:User:Gilabrand, via Wikimedia Commons

The cultural themes for Egypt and Israel have been related for millennia. However, they are distinct enough that we will address them separately and point out intersections where applicable. There are more bucket list sites between these two areas than almost anywhere else in the world. It would be nice if various political tensions would ease enough for everyone to feel safe traveling here. Certainly, the organized travel of the cruise and tour companies that offer these destinations is the recommended way to go until you are so familiar with these places that you feel comfortable heading out on your own. That’s one of the great beauties of cruising. It’s the best way to see places you wouldn’t go by yourself.

The themes related to these two countries are interwoven with the history of the western world through politics, religion, science, and art, since the beginning of recorded western culture. These are some of our oldest civilizations and some of our most hostile geographic environments. There is an enormous historical record, and there is a lot of mythology, conjecture, and speculation as the past is interpreted here.

It makes for fascinating travel. That’s why you’re excited to go. We have some great suggestions to help you start that trip now.